Beauty for its own sake

a sublime scene - a sunrise at Julia Creek, Queensland
Sunrise, Julia Creek, Queensland. Trisha Fielding, 2021.

For the past 25-ish years I’ve been writing about historical subjects, but lately I find I have veered off this familiar, comfortable path and strayed into new territory. A rekindled interest in photography has inadvertently sparked a new obsession for me – photographing and learning about the natural world. Through the lens of my camera, I am seeing such astonishing beauty around me – in the plants, landscapes, birds, bees and butterflies – that I’ve decided to just run with it… and start writing about all the beautiful things I’m photographing.

Butterflies are at the top of my list of obsessions – as anyone who follows my Instagram profile will already know – so there’ll be lots of photos and info about these remarkable little creatures. But I’ll also post about beautiful landscapes and architecture and trees and books, and basically whatever makes me feel inspired!

Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.

Marcus Aurelius

You might find my writing style a bit different to what you’re used to from me as an historian (that’s if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, before now). These new blog posts will be more observational, sometimes reflective, but I hope you’ll enjoy them. There’ll be loads of tie-ins to books/authors who’ve written about the natural world, and some posts will still have historical elements. I’ll continue to add new content to my other Blogs when inspiration strikes, and you can link to these Blogs from the top navigation menu.

So let’s see where this takes us…

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